Terrence Jones Recruitment

The neverending soap opera recruitment of Portland’s Terrence Jones continues to drag on. For those of you unfamiliar with the world of high school recruiting, Jones is a versatile, studly 6’9″ power forward who can handle the ball and shoot the 3-pointer.

Rivals.com has him ranked No. 13, Scout.com has him ranked No. 8, and ESNPU.com has him ranked No. 9. Make no mistake about it, he is a major impact player who is oozing with talent and athleticism.

On April 30, 25,000 people went to oregonlive.com to watch the live press conference where Jones would announce his college decision. Rumors had him going to either Kentucky or Washington months before his actual decision.

Jones picked the UW hat out of six college hats on the table in front of him. He admitted afterward that when he walked into the press conference, he had no idea where he would go.

Jones also said he almost picked the UK hat but changed his mind at the last second. After his announcement, he called the coaches of the five other schools to apologize for not picking them.

That is when things got muddy. Apparently, Jones’s conversation with UK coach John Calipari went in a direction that led Jones to question his UW commitment. Jones then said he needed more time to think and decide about what he really wanted to do.

Two days ago, on May 5, Jones told John Canzano of The Oregonian, “I’m still committed to Washington but I’m not willing to sign anything at this point.”

So, it appeared that Jones’s commitment to UW was relatively solid though not set in stone. However, a new twist has developed in this thickening plot. Jones tweeted out a few hours ago:

“sooo tired lets like i gotta fall asleep still being a cool Cat! wit alot of Dawg in me!”

Clearly, the Cat refers to the Kentucky Wildcats while the Dawg refers to the Washington Huskies. Notice that both Cat and Dawg are capitalized, further solidifying the references to UK and UW.

What kind of conclusion can we draw from this? Only that the boy is very confused and obviously still undecided. So much for his “I’m still committed to Washington” statement.

Terrence Jones is just a man who is torn between two women and can’t decide who to pick. One is close to home and the other is on the opposite side of the country, but he loves both and wants both and each has their own charm and lure. Poor kid.

Stay tuned for more as the Jones world turns.

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