Pac-16 Realingment Talks and Other Rumors

This has been a crazy day in college sports. First, the Pac-10 announced that Colorado will leave the Big 12 and join the Pac-10. Now, every news source has an angle on how the rest of the Big 12 will realign with other conferences, including this report by a Kansas City television station that Texas and Texas A&M have petitioned for membership to the Big Ten.

Um. What?

This is the first I’ve heard about Texas and Texas A&M joining a conference other than the Pac-10 or SEC. Chip Brown, who broke the news of a possible Pac-16 realignment this week, said immediately via Twitter:

“There’s a Kansas City TV report saying Texas and A&M to the Big Ten. That would be news to those schools.”

The question is: How credible is KCTV5 and why are they the only news organization to report this? They quote “high level sources in multiple conferences,” whatever that means.

In addition, they are also claiming that Oklahoma is “currently working on petitioning to enter the SEC, but must find another university to enter the league with them, sources said.”

Oh, and since when did TMZ start breaking sports stories? They are saying that Oklahoma St. to the Pac-10 is a “done deal.” Except that OSU athletic director Mike Holder said the report was “false.” Who trusts gossip websites for sports anyway?

The big news coming out of USC, of course, is that it’s official. For days, the rumor has been that the school would receive a two-year postseason ban and forfeit games that Reggie Bush played in. The rumor is now truth. USC must vacate every victory that Bush participated in while ineligible from December 2004, including the 2005 BCS title game that USC won.

In addition to the two-year bowl ban, USC will also lose 10 scholarships a year over a three-year period from 2011-13.

Who thinks Pete Carroll bolted USC knowing that this would happen? Me.

As for Tom Izzo, apparently he’s not a lock to become the next Cleveland Cavaliers head coach. Byron Scott is also a leading candidate for the position.

Other news in college sports pertain to the Academic Progress Rate. Released Wednesday, the report showed that Syracuse and Colorado lost scholarships last season after academically ineligible players left school.

Colorado was penalized one scholarship in men’s basketball and four in football. Syracuse lost two in men’s basketball. But rest assured, fans, the scholarship losses have already been implemented and won’t affect next season.

Crazy day.

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