Don’t Wear LeBron James Jersey in Cleveland

So you’re at a Cleveland Indians game. What do you do? Option No. 1: Eat three hot dogs, nachos, two pretzels, and a bucket of garlic fries. And eat slowly. Because that’s how long it will take before the Indians score a run. Option No. 2: Drink a lot of beer. A lot of beer. [...]

Sports Media Weekly Podcast Featuring Me

Today, I had the pleasure of joining the guys on the Sports Media Weekly podcast co-hosted by Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal and Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites. The podcast begins with a discussion on Daryl Johnston and Jay Glazer’s joining the NFL Network team of analysts. They also discuss a “Sports Business Journal story on the [...]

Paula Radcliffe Looks Ahead to 2012 London Olympics

The image to the right is an image of a world record holder, Paula Radcliffe. Now, let me give you another image. The turquoise green dress with the empire waist loosely clings to her frame. There is a glow to Paula Radcliffe’s face as she stands on the elevated stage beaming in three-inch heels. Her [...]

David Kahn Hired to Ruin Minnesota Timberwolves

A guest post by Yoshito Tsuji, Edited by Susan Shan On May 22, 2009, the Minnesota Timberwolves made a fateful decision to hire David Kahn as President of Basketball Operations. Minnesota wanted Kahn to ruin the franchise. Ruin, not run. Kahn was poised to provide much needed talent to support his up-and-coming big man, Al [...]

Video Interview With St. John’s Point Guard Malik Stith

When I was on the St. John’s campus last week, one of the interviews I did was with sophomore point guard Malik Stith. He was friendly, humble, and really, pretty awesome. Check out the video interview below.

My Feature on Big Blue Nation Report

A while back, I recommended a few great websites. One of them, the Big Blue Nation Report, has decided to do a short feature on me. I am humbled and very thankful. Check it out!

Emperor Duke, the Limbo Contortionist

So, it’s Friday. And I’m lazy. And about to head to a beach house in Long Island for the weekend after a long, hard-worked week. So, ladies and gentlemen, I am leaving you with an insane limbo video. Enjoy watching a man do the impossible (there is a fire part at the end that shouldn’t [...]

Interview with John P. Wise of One Great Season

Recently, I had a great interview with John Wise of – just published today. “What’s in a name?” says the One Great Season (OGS) website, “Well, it’s easy in this case in that it’s pretty much a guarantee that a season of college football is indeed One Great Season. And that’s what I just [...]

Love and Basketball: The Quick Rundown

The simple dream of a young child was this: to one day play in the NBA. What happened to that short Chinese girl with average hand-eye coordination when she realized her dream’s unlikelihood? Why, she moved from the court to the sidelines, of course. My love for this great game of basketball started as a [...]

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