George Steinbrenner: 5 Reasons to Remember Him

For a man who has timed everything else right, you have to wonder if he timed his own death.

It is only fitting that the most influential owner in the history of baseball died on the day of the All-Star Game. The fact that there are no games tomorrow makes his death more significant, allowing us to take a day out of baseball to mourn him. And we will, because he is a significant man to be remembered.

George Steinbrenner embodied the Yankees.

He had been sick and in poor health for years, so his death doesn’t come as a complete shock. I won’t even try to write about who George Steinbrenner is or what he meant to baseball. Instead, here are five articles that are well-written, detailed, and packed with anecdotes and research.

1.  Mike Celizic wrote an excellent piece on Steinbrenner’s history with detailed insights into his life and mindset. Really well-researched and interesting.

2.  The god of baseball, Buster Olney, describes how Steinbrenner just wanted approval – first, by his dad, and then, by his players.

3.  We have to go back in time for this 1990 Newsweek article on “The Most Hated Man in Baseball” by David A. Kaplan. The article was published in the midst of the Fay Vincent investigation into Steinbrenner’s association with Howard Spira. Kaplan presents a unique point of view in the heart of scandal.

4.  Yahoo’s David Brown has compiled some interesting quotes and videos in remembrance of Steinbrenner.

5.  What happens to the Yankees now? Andrew Marchand looks into Hal Steinbrenner’s takeover.

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