Hot Fan: Paola, As if the Yankees Needed More Gifts in Life

Paola is not only a beautiful 23-year-old commercial print model and dance instructor in New York City, she is also a huge Yankees fan.

After coming to New York a few years ago from Connecticut, Paola latched onto the Yankees because she fully believed that she needed to support her home team. Hideki Matsui became her favorite player because as a minority, she identified with him.

Paola clearly knows her sports, too. Her admiration for Matsui is evident when she says, “He became the first Japanese player to hit a home run in a World Series and became the first Japanese player in MLB history to hit 100 home runs.” You have to love a girl who throws stats into a conversation.

Her favorite fan experience was meeting Adrian Peterson and Jerry Rice at the NFL Draft party. It was neat to meet the stars outside of a sporting event because she got to see their genuine personalities.

If your ideal girl is anorexic, don’t look at Paola because she loves eating junk food during games. She has a self-professed big appetite and admits that she can get a little carried away sometimes. She especially loves eating popcorn and drinking soda.

As if loving food didn’t make her perfect, she is currently single. Her ideal boyfriend is someone who is a gentleman with traditional values. He should be funny, caring, trustworthy, and the opposite of egotistical. Paola also loves a man who can cook.

Guys, if you let her beat you in Mortal Kombat, she promises that the real Flawless Victory will be yours. Hint: It’s in your best interest to let her win.

It’s almost unfair how the Yankees get everything. Titles, more titles, big free agent signings, and now gorgeous Paola. The rich only get richer.

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