Links to Other Great Sports Websites

People have asked me about links to other great sites, so I’ve decided to write a blog about it. There are some great niche sites out there that everyone should check out. My love for the Kentucky Wildcats is public knowledge, so I’ve included some of my favorite UK-dedicated websites.

Integrity Sports Broadcasting Network is an affiliated site that has some great content and video clips focused on Kansas City sports. However, they also have nationally-relevant content along with a button to let you listen in live on their radio broadcasts.

Kentucky Sports Radio is the holy grail of information concerning all University of Kentucky athletics. They are on top of recruiting news and often discuss what former University of Kentucky players are doing in their current lives. Great content infused with intelligence, wit, comedy, and sarcasm.

The Big Blue Nation Report is run by a group of regular, blue collar guys who love the Kentucky Wildcats and enjoy writing about their boys in blue. Their site is updated constantly with news, links, and other information regarding the Big Blue Nation. They have visited press now in Rupp Arena, interviewed current and former players, and have gathered a strong following. They are also great about interacting with fans.

Big Blue Rules is a great UK website run by Bill Thompson. His forums are excellent mouthpieces for how the fans truly feel. The Lexington Herald-Leader’s forums were ruled by trolls, so fans wandered over to Big Big Rules to post instead. Visit Bill’s site to discuss your dislike for the LHL and Jerry Tipton.

If you know of a great website and would like to share the link, please do so in the comments section!

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