Kobe Bryant Owns LeBron James Even With Flu

I’m lying in bed sick right now. My eyes hurt, my throat hurts, my nose is stuffy. In fact, my entire body feels like it’s in pain.

How do athletes play sports in this state? Let’s rewind to 2009 when our second favorite NBA champion (after his greatness MJ) “vomited before the game, shivered with chills throughout and needed intravenous fluids at halftime.”

The man I am speaking of is Kobe Bryant. The game I am referring to is the Lakers-Cavaliers game where Kobe fought ring-less LeBron James and the flu, and clearly came out victorious in both instances.

Despite his terrible physical health, Kobe scored 19 points. Meanwhile, LeBron was in perfect health and somehow only managed to score 16 points while going 5/20 from the field.

I would just like to clarify that I am not a fan of Kobe. I am not a fan of the Lakers. I am, however, a fan of any man who makes LeBron James (newly minted most-hated villain in America) look ridiculous. Please enjoy the video that made my homesick day in bed.

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