Terrell Owens Frustrated With Being Unwanted

With some training camps less than two weeks away, the NFL’s No. 1 Diva is without a job and doesn’t see one soon on the horizon. Right now, Terrell Owens feels like the fat kid picked last in dodgeball because no team wants him.

“I feel like I have enough talent to be a starter on any team,” he told the Associated Press a few days ago. “That’s what’s so frustrating.”

But once again, instead of blaming himself for his lack of a contract, he said, “They’re (the media) always focused on what has happened earlier in my career. It’s not like I can’t play. There is some type of influence that they’re making in the minds of teams and owners and GMs.”

Right. Clearly, coaches, owners, and GMs are solely listening to the media instead of calling Wade Phillips or Andy Reid for first-hand knowledge of the locker room disease known as T.O.

It was even more embarrassing after Owens publicly mentioned the interest of the Washington Redskins…more than once. In April, Skins coach Mike Shanahan had said, “We will not go in that direction right now.”

In a radio interview earlier this month, Owens said, “That’s definitely something that was on the radar, and if that’s a possibility and they want to bring me in and make that happen, then I’m open arms to it . . . Donovan (McNabb) and I, we’re friends now.”

Two days ago, Shanahan again refuted that possibility. Speaking to Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Blog, he said, “I made a commitment relative to T.O., that we were not gonna go in that direction.”

The T.O. non-love continued. In a chat with NFL.com two days ago, Carolina Panthers LB Jon Beason had said, “There’s no way TO could be a Panther. Based on the fact that our ownership and coaches believe that the locker room is important and based on TO’s history, for whatever reason, he’s been a distraction in the locker room.”

Beason then retracted his statement on Twitter yesterday: “I have to apologize for my comments regarding TO. I personally would want him on our team in Carolina. He’s been a great WR for a very long time and will without a doubt be a hall of famer.”

“I was asked if I “thought” the panthers would bring in TO… If asked would I win the lottery I’d reply with the same answer… NO. In my mind both probabilities are unlikely. I never said I wouldn’t take TO in carolina. He’d be a great addition opposite steve smith,” Beason continued.

Actually, Ross from S.C. asked in the NFL.com chat, specifically, “could t.o ever be a carolina panther”?

I don’t see any question about “thought” in there. Once again, this is a typical case of an NFL player who clearly mouthed off with no muzzle, made a mess in the media, and now wants to take back what he said. Classic.

The T.O. to the Baltimore Ravens rumor has been debunked, as well. Agent Drew Rosenhaus appeared on ESPN’s NFL Live yesterday. “The Ravens are not one of the teams that I would bank on at this time, nor are we having any discussions with them,” Rosenhaus said. “I wouldn’t bank on seeing Terrell in a Ravens uniform.”


He also added, “Before they acquired Anquan Boldin and re-signed Derrick Mason, (general manager) Ozzie Newsome had been in touch with me about Terrell Owens.” So T.O. was just a backup option to Boldin and aging 36-year-old Mason is what Rosenhaus is saying. Can things get more shameful for Owens?

The answer is obviously yes. ESPN’s John Clayton believes that the only possible team that would sign Owens before training camp is the Seattle Seahawks. Since both Deion Branch and T.J. Houshmandzadeh had off-season surgeries, the Seahawks are monitoring the duo’s rehabilitation progress closely.

In addition, coach Pete Carroll said that there are “always concerns” whenever a knee is operated on for a third time in reference to Branch’s third knee surgery in two years.

However, Seattle is continuing a trend that we have been seeing lately – Terrell Owens in a secondary role as a substitute instead of as the premier receiver.

Rosenhaus even resorted to defending his client in saying, “It’s really picking up, and this isn’t just agent rhetoric.” Translation: This is agent rhetoric, and I’m really running out of options for my client.

The latest spiel Rosenhaus gave ESPN is, “I’m very optimistic that Terrell will have multiple options to choose from between now and the start of most training camps. I would anticipate Terrell being signed and with a team by either the end of this month or very early in August.”

Well, I’m glad someone is optimistic because I’m not. Terrell Owens has been a disaster on every team he has ever played for. The larger than life ego probably derives from extreme insecurity and overcompensation for that insecurity. Regardless, he still hasn’t learned how to identify his own faults and direct the blame inward instead of at everyone else around him.

The reason why you don’t have a job right now, T.O., isn’t because the media is spreading lies about you. It’s because you are lying to yourself.

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