Joe Montana’s Son Nate and Tim Abromaitis Arrested

I am going to tell a story. At the end, I will reveal the moral of the story.

Early Saturday morning, 15 South Bend police officers responded to a fight at an East Washington Street residence at 1:52am. They saw 100 people partying it up at East Washington Street (must be the hot spot in South Bend).

However, because a large number of the 100 people were underage, the Indiana State Excise Police were called. 42 people were arrested for underage drinking, two for supplying alcohol to minors. One guy went to the hospital because he cut his hand after jumping out a window in an attempt to flee from law enforcement (brilliant idea).

South Bend is the home of Notre Dame University so obviously Fighting Irish athletes had to be in attendance. Joe Montana’s son, Nate, was amongst 11 athletes charged with underage drinking. Joining him was basketball star Tim Abromaitis.

Good job, guys. Way to impress Dad, Nate.

Moral: If you are an athlete at a big sports school, don’t drink while underage and don’t get into fights. If you do drink and fight, don’t get caught. That is all.

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