Jenn Sterger: A Disgrace to Women

There are some women who are just an embarrassment to the women in sports reporting, broadcasting, and writing. A prime example of this embarrassment is Jenn Sterger.

Sterger’s fame derived from wearing scantily-clad clothing at Florida St. football games. She then got a Sports Illustrated column, a hosting gig with the New York Jets, and a co-hosting position on the Versus show The Daily Line.

One would think that whether or not she deserved the above opportunities, Sterger would put in effort to become a decent sports journalist. She writes sports blogs from time to time; her latest one entitled “The Year of the No-No” begins as a baseball blog. But is it decent? No, not at all.

She references Stephen Strasburg, spelling it “Steven Strasburg,” in the first paragraph, along with saying, “and, who the hell is this Ubaldo Jiminez kid???… Eh, never heard of him.”

I can’t tell if she’s joking about never having heard of Ubaldo, but misspelling Jimenez is unacceptable. Showing your readers that you can’t take two seconds to double check a player’s name (two players’ names in this case) is lazy writing.

She then goes on to compare baseball to her dating life, mixing in some truly awful metaphors and references. See example below:

“Just the idea of being ‘Pujolsed’ again made me haul ass faster than Willie Mayes.”

Mays is misspelled, of course.

She also compares herself to Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts before ending with, “I’m Jenn effin Sterger.” This is some high praise for a girl who has done nothing notable in her “career” besides appearing in Playboy and Maxim, something I’m sure her parents are proud of.

Sterger Should be Fired

Now, perhaps you view the misspellings, rampant grammatical mistakes, and narcissistic comments as small indiscretions. However, she also had the audacity to tweet this on the same day:

@jennifersterger After viewing a certain woman’s red carpet pics, I know what happens next @ It’s called a bukkake. Jeebus. Her stylist is fired

Sterger is clearly referring to Danica Patrick, who is a Go Daddy Girl. First of all, I think Danica looks gorgeous. Her blue dress is classy, form-flattering, and sexy – not indecent. Her legs also look incredibly fit and trim.

The real problem with Sterger’s comment is that she insinuated that Patrick would be involved in bukkake at In case you are unfamiliar with bukkake, the term refers to a sexual practice that can be seen as very demeaning toward women (Wikipedia definition here).

Sterger’s comment was COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS and 100% offensive to everyone who read it. If she has opinions on Patrick’s appearance at the ESPYs, Sterger can surely voice them. But to degrade Patrick to the point of a humiliating sexual act is outrageous and a disgrace to all women.

Worse, and more likely, Sterger is trying to appeal to men.

Women already have a hard enough time gaining respect in a tough, male-dominated field like sports, whether playing or reporting. Now, I’m not one of those HerStory feminists who feels that the world is against me. But Sterger, someone who clearly attempts to write blogs (and accomplishes the feat poorly), is a representative of females in sports reporting, broadcasting, and writing.

If Sterger had any credibility whatsoever before this incident, she now has negative credibility. Imagine what would happen if a male had made that comment; he would be fired. (See my blog on the Tony Kornheiser incident; he received a lot of heat for a much less derogatory statement.) Therefore, if women are attempting to be seen in the same light as men in this field, they ought to be subject to the same consequences. Jenn Sterger should not spend another day on The Daily Line. And Versus can say goodbye to future interviews with Danica Patrick.

For an updated opinion piece on the Jenn Sterger-Brett Favre situation, click here.

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Editor’s Note: After I posted this article, @joeystwit alerted me to a video exhibiting Sterger’s narcissism:

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