Love and Basketball: The Quick Rundown

The simple dream of a young child was this: to one day play in the NBA. What happened to that short Chinese girl with average hand-eye coordination when she realized her dream’s unlikelihood? Why, she moved from the court to the sidelines, of course.

My love for this great game of basketball started as a five-year-old in College Station, Texas. Sitting on the couch with my dad, I watched a Kentucky vs. Indiana game flicker on TV. As my dad grunted and cheered in Chinese, I felt that I should be passionate, too. Blue was my favorite color so I then became a devoted member of Big Blue Nation.

But of course, in the coming years, I didn’t just follow Kentucky basketball; I followed all basketball. Which brings me to 1999, the year I was introduced to St. John’s basketball. That was the year that Ron Artest and Erick Barkley led the Red Storm to the Elite Eight against Ohio State and came within four points of advancing to the Final Four.

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