Jaime Garcia and Jason Bay: Best and Worst of 2010

The Fantasy Fix recently invited me and several other female baseball writers to participate in the first annual “Ladies of Twitter Baseball Roundtable”. Our topic was to pick who we thought were the biggest surprise and bust of 2010, and to provide detailed reasoning. My choices were Jaime Garcia for biggest surprise and Jason Bay [...]

Brandon Jennings Loses a Bet and Must…

What happens when Brandon Jennings loses a bet? You may not want to know. On his Twitter account, he had this to say: BLKICE3: (PAUSSSSSSSSSSSEEEE) BUT I LOST A BET to @SHANCIEE HAD TO DO IT….. My ONLY WEIRD MOMENT Apparently, some readers made comments regarding the video, so Jennings felt the need to [...]

#SSsports Chat Topics 8/31/10

If you haven’t heard by now, I am moderating a weekly sports Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 8pm. To find out more information about the chat, click here. For tomorrow’s #SSsports Twitter Chat, we will discuss the following topics: 1. NFL: Chad Ochocinco inspired a social media ban for game days. What are your thoughts [...]

Ezra Heleski’s Day on the Mound

You and your heart shouldn’t feel so far apart . . . – Jack Johnson’s You and Your Heart I was glued to my television screen for the last few weeks while the Little League World Series played itself out. Listening to Jack Johnson’s voice as he sang the theme song became a permanent fixture [...]

Candice Crawford, Tony Romo’s Girlfriend, Can Do Math

What’s 23 minus 17? No, seriously, what’s 23 minus 17? If you answered five, you would have been just as correct as Tony Romo’s girlfriend, Candice Crawford. In a recent interview with the Musers on KTCK in Dallas, she was asked, “What is 23 minus 17?” She answered, “Um…five?” Seeing as how Romo’s ex-girlfriend Jessica [...]

[AUDIO] Listen to Susan on the NYSE

I went on The New York Sports Exchange with Eric Mirlis and Derek Wasiak earlier this week to talk about the New York Jets. We discussed Danny Woodhead, Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis, Hard Knocks, and Dustin Keller. Click here to listen; I show up around the 18:50 mark.

MJD Headlines Good Draft With Third Pick

There is no such thing as a perfect draft. With that said, my first six rounds of a 12-team draft last night went as well as I could’ve hoped for. I drafted third in a league that starts two RBs, three WRs, and two flex. Here are the players I drafted (ESPN ADP, Yahoo ADP, [...]

NBA Rookie Transition Program Educating Youngsters

You’re a rookie who just made it into the NBA. Now, your third cousin removed from your mother’s side wants to get on your payroll as some kind of marketing advisor in your entourage. How do you say no? The guy’s family, right? The NBA attempts to combat the above situation by running a three-day [...]

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

Is it possible to put this Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant debate to rest once and for all? Why, yes. Just look at the image below: Via: Medical Insurance I think it’s pretty clear that Michael trumps Kobe in all categories except for All-Star MVP, where they tie. Case closed.

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