Brett Favre Retirement Rumors Hurt Rice and Harvin

When I heard the Brett Favre rumors of retirement, I immediately groaned internally because the fantasy values of Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin just took a major hit.

I have been a Rice fan since I drafted him in the final round of my 2008 fantasy football draft. I also drafted Tarvaris Jackson and Jon Kitna as my quarterbacks, and somehow won the league without a quarterback, but I digress.

Jackson was terrible then, and he’s not much better now. The presence of Favre on the team made Rice an instant stud receiver (83 receptions, 1312 yards, 8 touchdowns) and gave Harvin a fantastic rookie season (60 receptions, 790 yards, 6 touchdowns).

You see, Rice is like Randy Moss Jr.; Moss is 6’4″, 210 lbs. Rice is 6’4″, 202 lbs., big, has good speed, can create separation, and has insane hands. If you throw the ball anywhere near his body, he will grab it. His penchant for making the difficult catches cannot be overstated. As much as Rice was helped by Favre, Favre’s numbers were also helped by Rice’s incredible ability to catch anything remotely close to him.

Meanwhile, Harvin is the electric playmaker who has breakaway speed and can make anything happen on any given play. Harvin is probably the sexier, home run pick in comparison with Rice’s steadiness.

Currently, fantasy rankings and average draft position have them ranked like this:

Rice – YAHOO (No. 24, ADP 29.0), ESPN (No. 34, ADP 35.3,) CBS (No. 35/23, ADP 33.76)
Harvin – YAHOO (No. 53, ADP 49.6), ESPN (No. 63, ADP 57.5), CBS (No. 62/54, ADP 62.71)

The reason why Rice and Harvin have two rankings for CBS is because two analysts each made their own list.

I have a PPR dynasty league initial draft coming up with the No. 3 pick, and I had Sidney Rice slotted as a possible second round selection at No. 22 or third round selection at No. 27. That strategy is now out the window.

Given, Favre’s words are like spittle from an annoying person’s mouth (you step away in disgust while wiping it off as quickly as humanly possible). If we have learned anything from watching his endless drama, it is that nothing is ever final until it’s final. And, even then, it’s not final.

There is still hope for Rice and Harvin. I’m just not holding my breath. Goodbye, Sidney.

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