Astros’ Foul Ball Couple Interviewed by CBS

I’m about to introduce you to the worst interview ever. I apologize for the torturous four minutes of video that you’re about to endure, but it’s quite necessary for the purposes of this blog.

The guy who let his girlfriend get hit at the Houston Astros game is actually named Bo Wyble. His girlfriend (or former girlfriend) is Sara Saco-Vertiz.

Bo has received a lot of flak for failing to save his girlfriend from getting hit by a foul ball. However, I’m going to take a different stance on the subject. Sara appears to have two legs and working limbs. If she didn’t want to get hit, she could have moved out of the way herself instead of staying glued to her chair. I’m all for the damsel in distress role, but Sara needs to learn how to fend for herself.

Now, that still doesn’t excuse Bo’s cowardliness. As we can see from the interview below, Bo doesn’t appear to be the most masculine individual. In fact, neither Bo nor Sara appear to offer any insightful analysis on the situation.

Poor Harry Smith tried in vain to get something besides boring, circuitous, unintelligible drivel out of the couple, but to no avail.

As for whether the couple is still together, that is unclear, as well. Sara said, “Well, I mean, it’s not over because of the ball.” Okay, so what exactly does that mean?

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