Hot Fan: Jayme, the Blonde Bombshell Who Loves the Eagles

It’s Wednesday again, which means you need another Hot Fan feature to get you over the hump. So, let me introduce you to Jayme, a hot 28-year-old writer who’s proud of her blonde locks and probably knows more about sports than you do.

Jayme is originally from Chesapeake, VA. Her father really wanted a son but got stuck with her, so he taught her how to throw perfect spirals and highly encouraged active participation in sports. As a result, she began playing softball at an early age and went on to play the sport in college at George Mason.

Yes, that George Mason. “Final Four ring a bell?!” Jayme asked.

After graduating with a double major in Advertising and Business Management, she moved to Miami to work for an advertising agency whose clients include a number of professional sports teams (Miami Dolphins, for example).

However, for the past four years, she has called Houston home. Jayme currently works in sales and marketing for one of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. The job is beneficial because she can now afford season tickets for sports and actually has time to enjoy the games.

Don’t be fooled though – she has called in sick to work to watch baseball games. In fact, she called in sick a month ago to attend an Astros game. The game, however, bored her so much that the most exciting event was a fan running onto the field. “Hey, when you’re an Astros fan, you have to find some form of entertainment!” she said.

Perhaps the most telling sign of her sports fanaticism occurred in sixth grade. For Christmas, Jayme told her parents that she wanted a Starter jacket. Her parents procrastinated until right before Christmas to buy the item. Of course, in Virginia, the only team jacket remaining would be a Philadelphia Eagles one.

“I refused to be that girl who went back to school and got teased for not knowing about the team she was sporting. I spent the whole Christmas break studying up on my new team – the players, the stats, history of the team, etc. I became the world’s biggest Randall Cunningham fan, and still follow his whereabouts,” Jayme said.

As a result, Cunningham and Donovan McNabb became her favorite athletes. In addition, she grew up with David Wright and credits him for being a “good-hearted guy.”

When Jayme is not busy working or attending sporting events, she dedicates her time to Charity Chicks Houston, a charity group she co-founded. Their website states that the group “plans one event per quarter (and maybe a few others sprinkled in throughout the year) to support a local (and sometimes even national) charity either by volunteering or raising money – or both! The group exists for three fundamental reasons: to encourage Houstonians to donate time or money to help the charities we promote, to raise awareness of non-profits that need and deserve recognition (because not all of us have a ton of money to donate every single month), and to network with like-minded individuals with open hearts.”

Jayme can obviously do it all. And guys, you’re in luck – she’s single. “I need a guy who likes sports; it’s a must. And, I need a guy who enjoys and respects my love for sports,” she said. “The best date I’ve ever been on was attending an Eagles Monday Night Football game in Miami.”

If you’re in Houston, please save Jayme from eHarmony. She’s the total package.

You can read her blog at and follow her on twitter @jaymelamm.

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