NBA Rookie Transition Program Educating Youngsters

You’re a rookie who just made it into the NBA. Now, your third cousin removed from your mother’s side wants to get on your payroll as some kind of marketing advisor in your entourage. How do you say no? The guy’s family, right?

The NBA attempts to combat the above situation by running a three-day rookie transition program for 12 hours a day, which has been in effect since 1986.

The program deals with “peer pressure, how to say no to family members and friends seeking handouts, being fiscally responsible, legal education, sexual health, the anti-drug program, anger management and gambling. Since the average NBA career ends at age 27 and after nearly five seasons, a portion of the program also was focused on preparing for life after basketball.”

Some of the speakers this past year were Bill Russell, Earl Monroe, Alonzo Mourning, Amar’e Stoudemire, Spencer Haywood, and Jarrett Jack.

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