Candice Crawford, Tony Romo’s Girlfriend, Can Do Math

What’s 23 minus 17? No, seriously, what’s 23 minus 17? If you answered five, you would have been just as correct as Tony Romo’s girlfriend, Candice Crawford.

In a recent interview with the Musers on KTCK in Dallas, she was asked, “What is 23 minus 17?” She answered, “Um…five?”

Seeing as how Romo’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson confused tuna with chicken, it is completely understandable on why he chose to date Crawford.

When Crawford was asked to give one quote without context, she said, “And then I love Deep Throat Informant. Those are probably my favorites.”

Nice image. The Deep Throat Informant is actually an informant in sports who gives behind the scenes details about things that happened. The individual disguises his or her voice so as not to be recognized.

Want to know how Crawford and Romo met? Sports Radio Interviews transcribed the answer below:

“I met him two years ago when I was an intern with the Cowboys. I was doing their off-season show The Blitz. And I had worked there over the summer so we had met then. I was underage. Then, two years later, he broke up with his girlfriend. I broke up with my boyfriend. And I got back to Dallas to do Special Edition. The Cowboys broadcasting department who I am really close with were like, ‘Hey buddy, we hired your intern friend again.’ We ended up going out and have been going to dinner every since.”

How, uh, sweet.

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