#SSsports Chat Highlights 8/31/10

If you missed Tuesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On the NFL’s social media ban…

  • @2real4youz: @Susan_Shan the ban sucks for fans … getting tweets during gameday from a player on your fave team makes you feel connected #SSsports
  • @outlaw_pete_: #SSsports @Susan_Shan plyrs might disclose info prior to kickoff that could influence point spreads or betting decisions
  • @SubmarineMike: @Susan_Shan think NFL is in cahoots with its media partners By preventing tweets during game it allows media to break stories #SSsports
  • @TKWSports: @susan_shan banning players from twitter is overrated. multitasking is a sweet skill to master
  • @RowdyBranham: @Susan_Shan I may feel connected but I want my players paying attention to halftime adjustments #SSsports
  • On the NFL implementing an 18-game season…

  • @WhyGodWhy2012: @Susan_Shan Last I read, the players were getting lowballed and it wasn’t equitable on both sides; hence, their rumored discontent #SSsports
  • @WhyGodWhy2012: @Susan_Shan It’s also superfluous. I’ve never seen the end of a NFL reg season and thought “Man, they need more games to setup the playoffs”
  • @Sports2571: @Susan_Shan I definitely think it will make things a bit more interesting. Forces teams to maybe use their subs a bit more. More experience with more playing time. Maybe give teams an extra bye week. Lengthens the season for the hardcore football fans and hopefully limits the injuries somewhat. #SSsports
  • @Cromartieseed: @Susan_Shan Adding games automatically devalues every other game in the schedule. The last thing NFL needs to do is minimize intensity.
  • @edward_thefirst: @Susan_Shan how can more football be bad? i dont get this logic #SSsports
  • On the Colin Cowherd-Cliff Lee controversy…

  • @nyc_dude: @Susan_Shan It’s def more confrontational. Media members are now part of the story and not just commenting or reporting on it #SSsports
  • @WhyGodWhy2012: @Susan_Shan I’m expecting ESPN to announce a merger with TMZ Sports any day now. #SSsports
  • @DeBo_XL: @Susan_Shan I understand it, but sometimes these “sources” are anonymous cause they’re fake or not credible. My guess. #SSsports
  • @fasteddy_98: @Susan_Shan Reporters have sources and corroborate statements. Only Mort and Sal do that. The rest will repeat grapevine crap. my opinion
  • @sportdesign: @Susan_Shan …or the ’5 Game Roethlisberger Suspension’ story that the Washington Post’s Mike Wise just made-up and tweeted #SSsports
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