Lane Kiffin is Arrogant

No. 14 USC traveled to Honolulu to play Hawaii in both teams’ season opener. After a first half that saw USC score four touchdowns and go for three two-point conversions to lead 27-13, Hawaii was about to score at the end of the second quarter. Sequence of events:

  • Hawaii scores a touchdown.
  • Referee signals no touchdown.
  • After reviewing the play, the referee makes a half signal for a touchdown.
  • USC Coach Lane Kiffin has a dumbfounded look on his face (see: right) and is near tears.
  • Referee finally clarifies that there is no touchdown.
  • After two terrible pass plays, Hawaii kicks a field goal to trail 27-16 at the half.
  • Lane Kiffin then does a halftime interview with ESPN’s Shelley Smith. See the interview below and note the part where he says, “Nothing.” The guy is full of class.

    And, in case you wanted to see how the officials robbed Hawaii, here is the touchdown that wasn’t called a touchdown:

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