Hot Fan: Jesseca, the Best Thing About Seattle Sports

Seattle sports fans have come upon hard times. Their NBA team got ripped from them, their MLB team fired their manager less than a month ago after compiling the second worst AL record to date, and their NFL team went a combined 9-23 the past two seasons.

But, things are looking up. Although the Oklahoma City Thunder don’t appear to be moving back to Seattle anytime soon, the Seahawks have begun a new era with Pete Carroll and the M’s have a good farm system in place.

However, the best thing about Seattle sports is Jesseca, who has remained loyal to her teams despite the downturn. The beautiful 21-year-old St. John’s Communications major (Business minor) is originally from Seattle.

“We’re pretty much die-hards; we have the craziest and loudest fans,” she said. “Our teams are so underrated and unappreciated around the country that when we actually do well, we go insane.”

Jesseca has been an M’s and Sonics fan since she learned how to tie her own shoes. In addition, she has heavily supported the Sounders since their inaugural season in 2009.

However, football is her favorite sport, so she keeps a close eye on the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Huskies. She only has one request: “Please don’t mention anything about Super Bowl XL. We’re still trying to recuperate from that being stolen away from us! I can’t watch the Steelers play without getting angry.”

Her favorite player on the Seahawks is currently Golden Tate. She also names Ray Allen, Reggie Bush, Kevin Durant, Mark Sanchez, and Nate Robinson as her favorite athletes.

Jesseca even likes extreme sports due to her former job of working for Red Bull. She met athletes, received special access to events, and even learned how to skateboard. As a result, she has become a huge fan of Travis Pastrana and Shaun White.

Because of her Spanish and Filipino descent, Jesseca has great admiration for Manny Pacquiao. “He’s a huge icon for my culture. I watch every single one of his fights,” she said. “I love boxing. It’s so exciting and raw, and I can get lost and caught up in a fight.”

Besides watching sports, Jesseca has played soccer, basketball, and volleyball throughout her life. She credits her father with instilling in her a love for sports and admits that she is a daddy’s girl.

She knows how to combine beauty and sports perfectly. While in Miami, she and her friends sat in their hotel room in dresses and high heels while watching the Syracuse vs. Connecticut six-overtime game. They were waiting for the game to conclude before going out, but they ended up staying until 2:00am. And, it was worth every second.

Jesseca is clearly a guy’s dream girl. Her dream date must be something “adventurous and creative.” She said, “I love it when people think outside of the box!” If the creative juices aren’t flowing, sporting events and zoos are good alternatives.

“If all else fails, I’m happy with buffalo wings and beers,” she said. That’s our idea of a perfect date and a perfect girl.

Be sure to follow Jesseca on Twitter @jesssayherro.

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