#SSsports Chat Highlights 9/7/10

If you missed Tuesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On Colby Rasmus demanding a trade…

@KyleStack: It’s got to be motivation. The core of that team has a WS ring, so they’re too experienced for the distraction factor. #SSsports
@akfiorentino: I’m with you; Pujols has earned the right to say, “You don’t want to be here? Go.” #SSsports
@SakuraChica: Why air all this stuff publicly? Seems leaks, LaRussa, Pujols hurting more than helping. Straighten kid out privately. #SSsports
@Anthowatson: TLR can be tough to play for. There may be a personality clash between the 2. TLR=intense, CR=over-sensitive. #SSsports
@exilerugby: Don’t you think that if they were 7 games up, we’d have heard none of this with Rasmus v. LaRussa? #SSsports

On whether the Patriots should re-sign Randy Moss…

@nnala15: Randy Moss has done everything the Patriots have ask him and more. He should get rewarded and sign him back. #SSsports
@amw2131: absolutely need to resign Moss. Not a crazy long deal, but no replacement on roster & ’11 WR draft class is considered weak #SSsports
@revolvingrecord: Will his motivation for doing his best fall if he gets a deal done. No longer playing for a new deal. #SSsports
@JesseMatthew: They won plenty of SuperBowls without Moss. They had slop at WR, its the system. #SSsports
@Jonathan047: Contracts are for future performance. You don’t pay a guy for what he’s done, you pay him for what you think he can do. #SSsports

On whether college basketball coaches ought to recruit team players or top prospects…

@eddieperez23: Gottlieb praises SU hoops…the apocalypse is upon us!! lol But seriously, SU gets top prospects so not valid. #SSsports
@MGH859: It isn’t black and white. You can be a top prospect AND a team first guy. Look no further than Wall and Patterson. #SSsports
@Sports2571: Yes! Chemistry is just as important as talent. You need both though. Talented guys who are humble and know the value of team play. No one man can do it themselves #SSsports
@amw2131: this is tough b/c you can’t judge a recruiting class for a couple years – but w/o talent you’re not going far #SSsports
@dmercer512: Cuse goes after team first guys for the system they use. They won with melo but also had some other solid guys. #SSsports

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