Hot Fan: Carie, the Lingerie Football Player

Carie is a 33-year-old electrocardiograph technician in Fort Myers, FL who has coached junior high school boys basketball, junior varsity girls basketball, and girls lacrosse. She also models and acts part-time.

But, what Carie really loves to do is play 7-on-7, full-contact, tackle football for the Lingerie Football League’s Tampa Breeze. If you’ve never been to a game, one glimpse of the highlights will show you that the women are highly competitive and serious about winning.

“My favorite part of being in the LFL is being on a team with women who have the same competitive drive, goals, and ambition that I do. Football is the ultimate team sport. We’re not a team; we’re a family, and that is always something special to be a part of,” Carie said.

The LFL currently has 10 teams with a roster consisting of 20 women per team though only 14 dress for each game. Each team plays against the four other teams in their conference once. Then, there is a conference championship followed by the Lingerie Bowl, played the weekend of the Super Bowl. The Lingerie Bowl will be held in Las Vegas this year. (For more information on the LFL, click here.)

“Every team has open tryouts and training camps in the preseason for the coaches to set the roster. All of the players have to be strong and athletic as well as look good in the uniform,” Carie said. “This is a professional football league, so we do get paid. The women get paid differently according to whether they’re on the active or inactive roster and if their team wins the game or not.”

Carie grew up in Vermont, and has been a sports fan her entire life. Her mother was a cheerleading coach and brought Carie along to football games when she was younger. In addition, Carie and her mother often went to Fenway for Boston Red Sox games.

Although baseball is her favorite sport and the Red Sox are her favorite team, she is a huge New England Patriots and Boston Celtics fan. However, since moving to Florida, Carie has become a Miami Dolphins fan. “I know I shouldn’t because they’re in the same division. It’s like rooting for Luke Skywalker AND Darth Vader, but oh well, I like both,” she said. “When they play each other though, I’m a Pats girl, no question.”

Carie’s favorite players are Ellis Burks and Wes Welker. “I choose my favorite players for random reasons. Growing up, I would lie in bed and listen to the Sox on the radio. The year I really began to understand baseball was Burks’s rookie year so he stuck,” she said. “Welker has played for both of my favorite teams. He’s had a pretty successful career for someone who wasn’t ever drafted. And, those eyes!”

Her favorite sports atmosphere isn’t a MLB, NFL, or NBA game; it’s a college football game. “There’s just an energy in the crowd that’s missing in professional sports,” she said.

Carie also enjoys watching golf and NASCAR. “I’m a relatively new NASCAR fan. I enjoy it for the science and strategy. It’s not just a bunch of left turns!” she said. “For the Daytona 500 this past year, I was able to walk around in the pits. I loved watching the pit crews. Those men are really amazing athletes.”

There are several ways to win Carie’s heart. “My number one date will always be a baseball game. A close ball game, a few beers, and a hot dog, and I’m a happy girl. I also love trying new places to eat. Visiting locations where movies were filmed or any place with historical significance is cool, too. And, I’m always up for a cold beer and some live music,” she said.

Though the gorgeous LFL player is almost too perfect to be real, she is engaged. However, if you would like to connect with Carie, be sure to check out In addition, you can follow her on Twitter @CarieIsSoVery.

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