#SSsports Chat Highlights 9/21/10

If you missed Tuesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On the Dallas Cowboys 0-2 start, the players-only meeting, and who’s to blame…

  • @SportsFanaddict: Meeting is useless. Problem is leadership. Tashard Choice going off on Tony Romo after a bad pass says it all. #SSsports
  • @MGH859: Last week some called the Jets the most undisciplined team in football. I think we have a new contender. #SSsports
  • @MarkyMarcelus: Phillips won’t or can’t assert himself on the offensive side ball and make more use of a diverse stable of backs #SSsports
  • @TheNational: Meetings clear the air, coaches call the plays and if your not on the same page in Week 3 at least everyone knows where they stand #sssports
  • @julythirteenth: #SSsports The Saints are a few plays from being 0-2. Are they a bad team as well? No. Way to early to panic.
  • On the QB controversies plaguing nearly one-third of teams…

  • @spacewill: Aikmen was 1-15 his first year..never would have been given a chance given todays environment and quicktrigger #SSsports
  • @outlaw_pete_: early losses cause panic…fans and media pressure contribute to “creating” a QB controversy #SSsports
  • @JJVIOLETPOET: #SSsports Fisher has shattered Young’s confidence by toying with him. Clausen’s mechanics are abysmal. Watch the TO’s with him.
  • @fleudiddy: #sssports Does anyone think that maybe the players had something to do with Vick starting?Maybe the WRs felt better with him
  • @Ben_Duronio: Kolb played two quarters against a great pass rush and tremendous secondary. Packers didn’t game-plan for that much Vick. #SSsports
  • On whether any NL team can beat the Phillies…

  • @AdamSpunberg: #SSsports Reds have had 20 years of foreplay. Can Phillies handle that kind of heat?
  • @DBYankees1: Philles have tasted playoff success and they’re the best team on paper. Add that up and they’re heavy favorites.#sssports
  • @dmercer512: The Rockies are the only other team playing near the level of Philly with Tulo Cargo and Jimenez 10gmW streak and 15-3 #SSsports
  • @ferndog03: man all this talk about the COL and they’re not even in the postseason as of now, I thought we were talking about PHI #SSsports
  • @cagalli_chan: @ferndog03 When Rockies are as hot as they are they can compete with anyone; I think its fair to discuss them as well w/ Phillies #SSsports

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