#SSsports Chat Moving to Wednesday Nights

Starting next week, the #SSsports Twitter chat will be moving to Wednesdays. Our next chat will be on Wednesday, September 29 at 8pm. The reason for the change is due to the fact that I will be participating in a flag football league on Tuesdays. The last time I played football was for a powder [...]

Mike Celizic: How to Miss a Man I Never Met

The first time I read anything by Mike Celizic was a month ago. He wrote an incredible piece about the day he chose to accept death via cancer. It was the best day of his life. Here’s an excerpt: “I could only manage about four sips of beer, but the first one was the most [...]

#SSsports Chat Highlights 9/21/10

If you missed Tuesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below: On the Dallas Cowboys 0-2 start, the players-only meeting, and who’s to blame… @SportsFanaddict: Meeting is useless. Problem is leadership. Tashard Choice going off on Tony Romo after a bad pass says it all. #SSsports @MGH859: Last week some called the Jets [...]

Hot Fan: Carie, the Lingerie Football Player

Carie is a 33-year-old electrocardiograph technician in Fort Myers, FL who has coached junior high school boys basketball, junior varsity girls basketball, and girls lacrosse. She also models and acts part-time. But, what Carie really loves to do is play 7-on-7, full-contact, tackle football for the Lingerie Football League’s Tampa Breeze. If you’ve never been [...]

#SSsports Chat Topics 9/21/10

I am moderating a weekly sports Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 8pm. There is only one requirement: please hashtag all tweets with #SSsports. To find out more about the chat, click here. Also, be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve made the highlights! For tonight’s #SSsports Twitter Chat, we will discuss the [...]

NFL Week 2 Observations

After Sunday’s slate of eventful games, here are five observations I’ve made: There was a serious lack of good coaching yesterday. The Cowboys are self-explanatory; they got beat on both sides of the ball. Tony Romo threw two INTs and Roy Williams fumbled the ball away. Their running game totaled a dismal 20 carries for [...]

Did You Know Eli Has a Higher IQ Than Peyton Manning?

Guest post by Nicole Hayward, Edited by Susan Shan Many families crowded around the TV yesterday in anticipation for the brother versus brother showdown. To many fans’ dismay, it wasn’t much of a show at all. Peyton Manning spanked Eli Manning (Final Score: Colts 38, Giants 14). I believe, as Cris Collinsworth put it, “Come [...]

Top 10 NFL QB WHUT?! Faces

So, we’ve decided to compile a top 10 list of WHUT?! faces from our favorite NFL QBs. There are really no standards or criteria for what constitutes a WHUT?! face. Some are funny, some are sad, and some are just downright weird, but they all make us say, “WHUT?!” Number 10: JaMarcus Russell, Currently Unemployed [...]

Hot Fan: Shauna, Pittsburgh’s Tomboy Beauty Queen

She grew up as a tomboy with a brother who is only 11 months older in the heart of Steeler country. She used to play neighborhood football games, including getting into a fight while she had a broken collarbone with the biggest kid because he grabbed her hair while she headed for the end zone. [...]

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