#SSsports Chat Highlights 10/6/10

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On the MLB playoffs and Roy Halladay’s no-hitter vs. the Reds…

  • @cagalli_chan: It’s such a shame it took THIS long for Halladay to show the world just how damn good he can be with a legit team. #SSsports
  • @scoobydoozi: The only way the #Twins win that #ALDS is if they outpitch the #Yankees. Tonight will be a huge barometer of that. #SSsports
  • @RTiongson: #SSsports I’m going with the Twins. Yankees slumped in the last 10 games and it’s only a matter of time til an underdog wins in the #MLB.
  • @dkspecial333: I love how everybody is so concern with #Yankees pitching, remember their offense AND defending champs. #SSsports #yankess in 4
  • @RubenAcosta: Yanks have a better offense, just as good pitching & better closer. Both played badly in September. NYY in 4 #SSsports
  • On the Randy Moss trade to Minnesota…

  • @MGH859: #SSsports All that free space Welker would find himself with? Hope he doesn’t miss it, because now it’s gone.
  • @arindru: Pats: Happy, Moss: Moss, Favre: Longing for a pair of Wranglers playing football by the truck in the field. #SSsports
  • @ferndog03: Favre Moss should have happened 3 yrs ago in GB; now its seems a little too late for both #SSsports
  • @deafmitchell: I wonder how Randy’s constant chattering will affect Harvin’s Migranges #SSsports
  • @Firehound55: #SSsports Pats lose their best player and only true deep threat! CB’s will feast on the young WR’s and this team gets a 3rd round pick!?!
  • On whether LeBron James taking over the preseason opener will hurt team chemistry…

  • @ronwahl: Those 3 idiots are more worried about their routines for Americas best dance Crew than winning basketball games #sssports
  • @revolvingrecord: I’m not saying it couldn’t be a problem but let’s have Wade and LBJ play in more than 1 preseason game for more than 5 min #sssports
  • @T_Elliott12: #SSsports idc about whose team it is as long as Wade and LBJ dont host a 1 hr special on ESPN deciding who the leader of the Heat is…
  • @cagalli_chan: Anyone who’s deluding themselves thinking #wade / #lebron can co-exist as two alpha dogs esp when it’s #wade’s team is crazy. #SSsports
  • @Your_Local_Fav: Bosh reminds me of that kid in school that wants to be popular so bad he follows around the cool kids and every thinks its sad.

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