New #SSsports Twitter Account

The #SSsports Twitter chat has been in commission for over a month now. While it has been awesome and has connected people from all over the web with intelligent discussions and analysis, I have come across two issues related to the chat:

1. I retweet so often from my account that I have gotten put in Twitter Jail multiple times.
2. I retweet so often from my account that my tweets dominate everyone’s timeline.

Issue one is self-explanatory.

Issue two, however, can be annoying to those who don’t want to participate in the chat. Therefore, I’ve created a new Twitter account to combat this problem: @SusanShanChat.

I’ll be moderating the chat from that account. Please follow the new account if you would like to participate in the chat.

We’ll still be using the #SSsports hashtag, so please make sure you hashtag all tweets. For users who have TweetDeck (highly recommended), HootSuite, or a similar application, you can create a separate column for the hashtag where only tweets relevant to #SSsports will show up. For users tweeting from the web, you can always search for the hashtag or click on it directly to see what other participants are saying.

I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. It was the best solution we could come up with to combat the two issues. I hope you’ll continue to join us at 8pm on Wednesdays for the #SSsports chat!

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