#SSsports Chat Highlights for 10/13/10

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On the integrity and corruptibility of college sports…

  • @cagalli_chan: If schools treat athletes as commodities then athletes should get their maximum value worth from people willing to pay. #SSsports
  • @alaskansurveyor: what about all the perks student atheletes get academically?? thats like $$ #SSsports
  • @tariq_ahmad: Every school cheats. It just depends who gets caught and who doesn’t.
  • @Dynamite4Life: CFB seems to hve been tainted for years…jus’ alot more snitchin’ goin’ on ya know #SSsports
  • @mtread72: #SSsports Luch’s interview this morning was fascinating–especially the Mel Kiper stuff-thoughts on Kiper angle? #tainted
  • On Mike Singletary’s rumored firing after the season…

  • @avelarde2: #SSsports if Singletary thinks X & O means hugs & kisses, then yes! HA
  • @revolvingrecord: Partly his fault, but with 2 min on the clock he needs a qb who he can be confident can go down the field & score #sssports
  • @DBYankees1: Ridiculous. He’s out because they’re not wiinning. Asst coaches largely responsible for x and o’s anyway.#sssports
  • @FrankE_Says: #SSsports they have let up 130 points so far… Defense isn’t good either.
  • @ymmij2k: I was at the Seattle game. Pete Caroll totally out coached him. The play calling at the goal line was horrible. #SSsports
  • On MLB, Jenn Sterger, and Brett Favre…

  • @cagalli_chan: Excited for NLCS. Pitchers: #phillies 3 starters: 1.17 ERA, #giants 3 starters: 0.39 ERA. WOW. That series is going to EPIC. #SSsports
  • @NCTaxPro: #SSSports Alvarez is 23, and struck out once every 3 PAs with a 3/1 K/BB ratio. That’s not typically a good combination
  • @MWEinNC: #Pirates are *trying* to rebuild right way. Execution is my issue. Don’t see a Price or Longoria #SSSports
  • @JaredSmith16: Don’t care about No. 4 or whatevr happened. Farve is a dirt bag? That’s a shocker? Really? Retire already, please. #SSsports
  • @spacewill: Sterger’s made career selling some form of Sex, to think she didn’t encourage the flirting is hard to believe #SSsports

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