St. John’s 2010 Red Storm Tip-Off Experience

St. John’s 2010 Red Storm Tip-Off made me wish I had gone to a Division I school. The experience was an utter display of school spirit. While actual games unite the team and fans behind a common opponent, a school’s Midnight Madness has no opponent; it’s just one big party.

It started with the introduction of the women’s team, who displayed unity from the start. The girls came out dancing after their names were called, which immediately got the crowd rocking. Then, the team performed an impressive dance routine that only took them two days to put together.

Coach Kim Barnes Arico said to the crowd afterward, “We know these girls can dance, but the question is, ‘Can they ball?’”

To read more about my experience at St. John’s 2010 Red Storm Tip-Off, click here

Here are some screen captures from my live-streaming interviews:

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