#SSsports Chat Highlights for 10/20/10

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On officials and ESPN asking NFL head coaches to purposely take timeouts for commercials…

  • @arindru: TV TOs also give the stadium time to run their advert promos. But, making a coach take them is dumb. Next thing you know, a player will fake an injury so they can cut to commercial. #SSsports
  • @ronwahl: #SSsports about the timeouts, doesn’t the worldwide joke have enough clout to get officials timeouts
  • @deafmitchell: I am honestly surprised that NFL doesn’t have ads on everything. This first down is bought to you by “AUTOZONE” #SSsports
  • @zmorganII: i would love to have seen this t/o approach offered to Walsh, Ditka or Mora #1 #SSsports
  • @Trevor_Adams: Anybody watching a turkey of a game that late into it deserves all the misery they get. #SSsports
  • On the dangerous hits occurring in the NFL…

  • @avelarde2: too often we hear stories of kids with neck injuries or being paralyzed in HS/College bcuz of violent hits #SSsports
  • @revolvingrecord: Suspension might be the only thing that actually leads to change. Fines are nothing to these players. #sssports
  • @ABCHESSER: Being proactive to stave off Congressional action for safety? They could cite anti-trust exempt status to do so #SSsports
  • @SakuraChica: The players aren’t against protecting health. Against knee jerk response with little thought. #SSsports
  • @spacewill: NFL in bad situation,if players keep getting faster/stronger, only response is either soften game or equip change #sssports
  • Open MLB chat…

  • @mtread72: #Rangers-#Giants would be good baseball series between two “hungry” franchises-ratings be damned! #SSsports
  • @wassmans: Hamilton stays hot and wins world series MVP….what a story that would make #hambone #SSsports
  • @Gabriel_Montoya: Bud Selig is the love creation of these two men: http://bit.ly/dorVhv and http://bit.ly/9iB50Y #SSsports
  • @themirl: Re: Ryno…How many Hall of Famers have had great managing careers, let alone one with the team they played for? #SSsports
  • @spacewill: gratuitous Sterger reference, end of #SSsports chat is like looking at Sterger after her implants were removed

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