Terrell Owens is Most Overrated Player in NFL

Out of 239 players surveyed by Sports Illustrated, 14 percent chose Terrell Owens as the most overrated player in the NFL.

Owens has 476 yards and two touchdowns through five games. He currently ranks fifth in the league in yards per game, right behind Brandon Lloyd, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, and Miles Austin. Owens ranks ahead of Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, Malcom Floyd, Austin Collie, and Antonio Gates.

I understand that the survey was probably given weeks ago, before Owens had accumulated these statistics, but what part of a one-year, $2 million deal (with another $2 million in incentives) screams overrated? Nearly every NFL team had passed on Owens before the Cincinnati Bengals agreed to sign him. That doesn’t sound like an overrated player to me.

Take a look at the rest of the top five:

Tony Romo – 7 percent
Mark Sanchez – 5 percent
Albert Haynesworth – 5 percent
Eli Manning – 4 percent

I’m not sure how the surveyed players defined overrated, but I’m sure Haynesworth would be the most fitting in nearly all definitions. After signing a seven-year, $100 million deal in 2009 that could go as high as $115 million with performance-based incentives, Haynesworth responded with 37 tackles and four sacks last season. Paltry numbers.

His offseason was marred by failed conditioning tests and internal strife with coach Mike Shanahan. After being voted the NFL’s most dominant defensive player by his peers in 2009, I would say that overrated greatly defines Haynesworth.

His 2010 stats? Three games, six tackles, and zeros everywhere else (okay, he had one pass defended). Haynesworth earned $32 million in the first 13 months of his contract and has $41 million in guaranteed money.

How is he possibly less overrated than Owens? Can someone please enlighten me?

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