Brett Favre Admits Voicemails to Jenn Sterger Are From Him

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that “a source informed him that Favre claimed responsibility for the voice messages during his meeting with NFL security on Tuesday.” However, Favre “denied forwarding lewd photographs to former Jets in-house reporter Jenn Sterger.”

It’s quite easy to see why Favre would admit to one but not the other. His voice is recognizable to the common listener and electronic devices can easily prove that the voice is his.

The pictures, however, are not so easily proven. Who has really seen Favre in all of his glory? His wife, Deanna. His teammates, though I doubt they have inspected Favre carefully or intimately enough to easily “recognize” whether the photos are of Favre.

Therefore, admit what’s easily proven and deny what’s not easily proven. Sounds pretty logical.

Read the rest of the FOX Sports article here.

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