#SSsports Chat Highlights for 10/27/10

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On Miami’s Big Three…

  • @RTiongson: They scored a measly 30 points in the first half against one of the older teams in the league. Troubling? #SSsports
  • @alaskansurveyor: Wade should be the PG. Thats what he played in college. LBJ skipped that party, obviously. #SSsports
  • @KayJayDBD: Haslem allows Bosh to wander the perimeter, but that wont suffice for 81 more games + playoffs. CB has 2 become post presence #SSsports
  • @revolvingrecord: Bosh is probably reacting to having a teammate that anyone can actually name. #SSsports
  • @arindru: Bosh could be an effective pick-n-pop player. Best way is the triangle. He would be just as good as Gasol on offense. #SSsports
  • On whether Boise State is getting shafted by the BCS…

  • @avelarde2: Boise’s strength of schedule is whats killing them they need VaTech & OreSt to finish strong #SSsports
  • @tariq_ahmad: Yes. Auburn and Oregon play in BCS conferences. Boise St should move to Pac-10 if they want respect. #SSsports
  • @zmorganII: the BCS is supposed to be a computer driven poll but the humans are screwing up the correct computations #SSsports
  • @MazzusK: I love Boise St, and would love to see them in the Title game. People seem to forget Oregon almost lost to Tennessee #SSsports
  • @mtread72: While Auburn is playing tough SEC foes each wk and ditto for Oregon in PAC 10, Boise is playing Wyoming and LA Tech #SSsports
  • Open MLB chat…

  • @rockstar_vic: sad thing is lots of people wont watch it cuz the yanks are not playing and will miss a great ws #SSsports
  • @FrankE_Says: #SSSports Elvis Andrus has raised my eyes this postseason… My bet is on Texas.
  • @DBYankees1: Rangers offensive edge is tremendous. Only concern is pen and Mgr’s insistance on playing matchups. Texas in 5. A special mention to James Dolan of Cablevision for depriving millions of customers of the WS. Not me thankfully! #sssports
  • @crigler66: I’m only watching because the Yankee aren’t playing. #SSsports
  • @deafmitchell: Get the Ginger Ale ready Texas is winning this! #SSsports

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