Hot Fan: Erin Sharoni, the New York FILA Model

With the NBA season under way, New Yorkers can finally look forward to “Friday Night Knicks.” Erin Sharoni used to watch Friday night Knicks games with her cousins after family dinners at her grandparents’ house. “That was back in the good ol’ days of Ewing and Starks,” she said.

The hot 29-year-old Knicks fan has loved basketball her entire life. “In New York City, we don’t really have much in the way of grass. Our recess and gym periods at school consisted of playing around on the outdoor basketball courts,” she said. “The home I grew up in was right across the street from the neighborhood basketball courts, and I often ended up shooting alone there. My free throw is pretty on point.”

Her favorite player, however, is a former Laker. She got to meet her idol, Magic Johnson, through a mutual friend. “As a kid, my favorite basketball was a purple and gold ‘Magic Edition’ Spalding with Magic’s fake autograph printed on the ball,” she said.

“When I met him, he signed a basketball for me, which I keep in a special display case in my living room. To meet the guy and now have a ball with his real signature on it, addressed to my name, is pretty cool.”

As a native New Yorker, her background of Scotch-Irish from her mother’s side and Yemenite-Israeli from her father’s side truly epitomizes the melting pot of cultures that New York represents. Growing up in the midst of so many different ethnicities has taught her how to speak a few phrases in multiple languages: fluent Spanish, conversational Hebrew, Greek, French, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, and Chinese.

Erin has had an eclectic career path. After graduating from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Studio Art and a concentration in Digital Media, she became a U.S. Junior Olympic-certified swim coach and spent a year as the assistant coach for a winning swim team in Queens, NY.

She then became a personal trainer because of her passion for health and fitness. As a personal trainer, Erin found herself drawn to the aspects of sales and business development inherent in the job. These interests, combined with her love of analysis, invention, and entrepreneurship, ultimately led her to embark on a career in finance. She is currently a V.P. in Capital Markets sales at a large investment banking firm.

In addition, she was recently chosen as one of the winners in FILA’s Body Toning System model search, and is a featured model in the 2010 FILA BTS campaign, including online, in-store, and print ads and television appearances. Click to see a video of her FILA interview ad below:

Not only is Erin a huge Knicks fan, she also loves other New York teams, such as the Jets, Rangers, Mets, and St. John’s college basketball team.

In her free time, she enjoys boxing, snowboarding, and surfing. “Surfing is probably my favorite sport to actually participate in,” she said. “The water is my temple; it makes me feel whole.”

Besides Magic Johnson, she names Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice, Mark Sanchez, Steve Nash, and surfer Laird Hamilton as her favorite athletes. “Sure, Lawrence Taylor has his demons; but, as an athlete, the man revolutionized football. Probably the greatest defensive player of all-time,” she said. “As for Mark Sanchez, he’s going to bring our Jets to the Super Bowl.”

Guys, if you haven’t fallen in love with Erin by now, here’s another great piece of news: she’s single. Her ideal boyfriend is an athlete. “Fitness, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle are incredibly important to me, so I’d like to be with someone who feels the same way,” she said. “He probably shouldn’t like the Cowboys or any Boston teams, for that matter.”

As for her ideal date, she’s very flexible. “I’m adventurous and always up for trying new things, from a sporting event to playing a sport to a simple dinner date or concert. I’m pretty much up for anything so long as the company is great – that’s the key!”

If you want to get to know Erin better, be sure to follow and tweet at her @ErinTheFilaGirl.

And, if you would like to be featured as a Hot Fan, please email for details.

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