Percy Harvin’s Side of Argument with Brad Childress

Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin really did have an argument with coach Brad Childress. However, according to Harvin, the argument wasn’t about a lack of effort, as multiple news sources reported.

Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King wrote:

Harvin told me his tiff with Childress had nothing to do with Childress questioning his ability to play hurt — which one club source said he found hard to believe. Harvin said their disagreement Friday was about Childress’ insistence that he get an MRI on his bad ankle, the one that threatened to keep him out of Sunday’s game. Harvin, obviously, suited up and played a brave game, catching nine balls for 126 yards, both career-highs.

“The argument was, I didn’t want to get an MRI; I just wanted to get out and practice and play,” Harvin said. “It never was a confrontation with the coach. I don’t know how that started.” Whatever the reason for the Friday tiff, a source said Harvin and his family were furious Friday night. Asked if he felt Childress should continue as coach of the team, Harvin said, “That’s not my call.”

At the end of the game, Favre embraced Harvin and said, “I appreciate what you did out there today.”

“We got eight more to go,” Harvin said. “We can do it.”

Harvin wasn’t lying when he said that Childress insisted on an MRI. When the story first broke, ESPN’s Ed Werder wrote, “According to sources, Childress questioned Harvin’s effort during the practice. When Harvin took exception, Childress suggested Harvin submit to further testing on the ankle.”

However, the two almost came to blows after the argument escalated. Werder said that “coaches and players were forced to separate them to prevent a physical exchange, according to team sources.”

It’s obvious that Harvin is trying to downplay the situation and maintain some type of team unity. The Vikings still believe that they can make the playoffs, which is a good sign. Unlike Wade Phillips with the Dallas Cowboys, Childress hasn’t lost his team – yet.

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