Mike Wallace is My Thanksgiving Football Hero

A few other sports bloggers and I were invited to participate in a blog contest for [yellow tail] Reserve wine. To celebrate the special moments in life, drink [yellow tail] Reserve, the premium version of [yellow tail]. Thanksgiving is one of those special moments, and nothing goes better with wine and food than football.

We each had to write a blog post on the following topic: “Who/what are you most thankful for this football season?” You can read the posts at ReserveYourNight.com.

Whoever gets the most comments and tweets with the specific blog link (click on the link above) and the #ReserveYourNight hashtag will win. So, please go comment and tweet away.

This football season, I am most thankful for Mike Wallace.

As a devoted Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I mourned the loss of Santonio Holmes even though I understood why the trade was necessary. I worried incessantly about whether the 60 Minutes man was just a one-dimensional deep threat and wondered if he could complement Hines Ward.

Some of the best wide receiving duos in recent memory (Randy Moss and Wes Welker, Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin) consisted of a big receiver who could catch deep balls and a smaller slot receiver. Pittsburgh, since the departure of Plaxico Burress, has lacked the prototypical stud receiver that coaches, GMs, and owners drool over.

However, Holmes and Ward made a formidable duo last year despite neither being over 6’0″. Holmes, besides the speed and big-play ability, also developed into a good blocker (he learned from the best) and caught balls over the middle.

Could Wallace really be more like Holmes and Carolina’s Steve Smith than DeSean Jackson? The resounding answer is yes. Wallace has proven that though he’s a speedster, he’s also willing to take hits over the middle, catch short passes, and leap through a crowd of defenders to make the difficult catches. Under Ward’s tutelage, Wallace will also develop into a fine blocker.

Since Ben Roethlisberger’s return, Wallace has averaged 86.4 yards and one touchdown per game. For the purposes of quantifying value, we’ll use fantasy points to compare Wallace with his peers. In the last five weeks, Wallace ranks sixth in average fantasy points per game (minimum four games played to account for a bye week).

*Special thanks to Playerfilter for providing the above statistics.*

He is listed amongst the league’s elite receivers, and is the youngest player in the top six. The second-year wideout is immensely talented; he’s not only a great complement to Ward, he’s also the perfect target for Roethlisberger’s big arm. Santonio who?

I’m so thankful that Mike Wallace is a Pittsburgh Steeler.

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