#SSsports Chat Highlights for 11/18/10

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we got a gorgeous picture depicting how the #SSsports chat is always a home run!

On Brandon Roy and Greg Oden’s knees…

  • @revolvingrecord: I’d like to hear what doctors have to say. I don’t think a GM knows how an injury can truly affect a player. #sssports
  • @acctking: Not necessarily…Roy’s game isn’t completely based around explosion like McGrady’s was before his knee troubles #SSsports
  • @prttimesouthpaw: Oden, Roy, Bowie, and Walton…is there something in Portland that requires so many knee surgeries? #SSsports
  • @DBYankees1: Oden was considered a can’t miss. Some scouts doubted Durant due to slender frame.Can’t blame Blazers for selection.#sssports
  • @Anthowatson: Oden is not DHoward, not close. Oden lacks any offensive game. Any questions about Durant’s frame are off, dominant rebounder
  • On expanding the MLB playoffs…

  • @mtread72: Amazing to think about ridicule Selig took when original wildcard format was announced and it now seems brilliant #SSsports
  • @foczyzie: If the regular season were 120-140 games, I’m all for NBA playoff-style expansion. #SSsports
  • @avelarde2: 3 gm series??? this isn’t the WNBA no offense to the ladies though #SSsports
  • @YankeesInk: Yeah, I think any greater incentive to win the div. is a positive step. #SSsports
  • @johnsop1: #SSsports- There is no purity left- a guy with 13 wins won the CY young- go with the flow- change is inevitable
  • On Manny Pacquiao “ducking” black fighters…

  • @bcthomas: Styles make fights, and a fighter with slick defensive skills, as black Americans are known to have, would give Manny trouble…#SSsports
  • @CallMeRonnieD: Depends on what you consider ducking. Avoiding Williams over an insane size difference isn’t ducking. #SSsports
  • @jstar1973: The only boxer ducking is Floyd Mayweather. He’s ducking Pacquiao so much I think he’s a better dodgeball player. #SSsports
  • @MAirJfan: #SSsports I would put more stock into if it came from any other source……Hopkins? Really?!
  • @NyquillDTB: #SSsports manny isn’t ducking anyone its like his people said manny is about business. He fights worthy opponents

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