Hot Fan: Violet Kanian, Born to Be a Lakers Fan

Violet: any chiefly low, stemless or leafy-stemmed plant of the genus Viola, having purple, blue, yellow, white, or variegated flowers (source:

Well, there you have it. If you’re named after purple and yellow flowers, you must be a Los Angeles Lakers fan. Violet was literally born a Lakers fan.

“My mom and uncle would always watch Lakers games at my house and cheer as if they were at the Forum. As a curious 3-year-old, I had nothing better to do than to sit between them and cheer my heart out every time they cheered,” she said. “I asked if we were cheering for the ones in yellow. Eventually, I learned that it’s not yellow, it’s gold.”

Thus, she became a lifelong Lakers fan. Her most thrilling moment came when she met her favorite players, Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom, at an autograph signing. Calling Bryant a “basketball god” is almost an understatement.

“I had never experienced being that close to Kobe. He took photos with us and talked to us. I told Kobe that if LeBron thought he was the ‘king’, then Kobe must be ‘god’,” she said. “I also loved how humble Lamar was.”

The 23-year-old Armenian beauty from Glendale, California is currently a freelance reporter. Her love for sports inspired her to major in Broadcast Journalism at Cal State Northridge.

Not only is she a Lakers fan, she also enjoys watching the California Bears and the San Diego Chargers for football and the Italian national team for soccer.

A girl this perfect can’t possibly be single, right? “I am in a wonderful relationship right now with a guy who thinks baseball is the greatest sport. I must change his mind!” she said.

Ideally, she’d like to sit courtside at the Lakers-Heat game on Christmas Day. “I would probably get kicked out though; I get way too into the game!” she said.

If you’d like to take Violet to the game on Christmas, I’m sure she’s entertaining offers. You can tweet at her @VioletKanian and visit her website at She talks about everything from Lakers basketball to primetime TV shows, so check her out!

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