#SSsports Chat Highlights 12/1/10

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have another fantastic #SSsports picture; this time, it’s a hockey theme!

On what’s wrong with the Los Angeles Lakers…

  • @NyquillDTB: I feel its lack of bench production. Barnes & Shannon R the only ones producing 2 many mins 4 starters #SSsports
  • @JSPartisan: It’s December. The Lakers usually look like garbage until February. #SSsports
  • @Lumpy231: Kobe is pressing & trying to shoot them to a victory, which is causing other players to stand around and watch #SSsports
  • @Brodacious19: 13-5 Leading their division and Bynum is hurt. I don’t know that there’s a lot “wrong” with them. #SSsports
  • @acctking: Or you could say they’re always without Bynum, also a problem. RT @MAirJfan: I think they’re just too soft without Bynum #Lakers #SSsports
  • On LeBron James’s return to Cleveland…

  • @MrESPN: I hope this is the last time I hear about the bitter Cleveland fans. So ridiculous… #SSsports
  • @foczyzie: If Heat were 16-1, I’d get the hate. But they are struggling. Wait till they win some before dumping on them. #SSsports
  • @DBYankees1: Cleveland is blue collar,extremely loyal to it’s teams. LeBron was their hero, he left them flat, Gonna crush him #sssports
  • @johnsop1: #SSsports: Modell never went back because of safety concerns, but that was Browns football, same passion for Cavs?
  • @arindru: I’m waiting to see LBJ do the powder throw. #SSsports
  • On the 2022 World Cup host bidding war…

  • @jstar1973: It should be either the US or Australia. If Qatar gets it then FIFA might as well be run by the Taliban. #SSsports
  • @avelarde2: the Apocalypse is coming in 2012 anyways so it won’t matter who gets 2022 WC :P #SSsports
  • @tariq_ahmad: Let Australia host WC. Great job with Sydney Olympics. Qatar is just throwing around money trying to influence FIFA #SSsports
  • @USATgolftennis: Might help some http://twurl.nl/jo7u8l RT @CFL_Fanatic: Where in the USA would the events take place? #SSsports
  • @cagalli_chan: Agreed. Our market alone – whether we as a country love soccer or not – would guarantee records earnings AGAIN. #SSsports

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