#SSsports Chat Topics 12/8/10

December 8 is a special day; not only is it a personal day for me, it’s also the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, “a date which will live in infamy.” Having been a Hawaii resident for many years and having visited the USS Arizona Memorial several times, I know how resonating the event was and still is.

In honor of such a tragedy, let’s make this a very special #SSsports chat.

Follow the chat from the account @SusanShanChat. There is only one requirement: please hashtag all tweets with #SSsports. To find out more about the chat, click here. Also, be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve made the highlights! For tonight’s #SSsports Twitter Chat, we will discuss the following topics:

1. NCAA FB: Cam Newton ought to be the consensus choice for the Heisman Trophy winner, but he’s not. Some voters intentionally left Newton off their ballots because they took issue with the eligibility controversy. Are the voters correct to take issue? In addition, why is Oregon RB LaMichael James fourth on this list? Does he deserve to finish fourth or are people just biased toward quarterbacks?

2. NCAA FB: With the fresh resignations of Dave Wannstedt (forced) and Urban Meyer (voluntary), the Coaching Changes for 2011 list is only getting longer. What do you think about the coaching carousel, and who do you see replacing the high-major coaches?

3. NFL: What is wrong with Peyton Manning? In his last five games, he has thrown nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions; not exactly MVP numbers. Okay, so he’s not a robot, and he is, in fact, human. But, is this just a bad (normal) slump or is something larger at work here?

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