#SSsports Chat Highlights 12/8/10

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a gorgeous sunset for our #SSsports picture!

On the Heisman Trophy finalists…

  • @nealkrause: James gets no respect because there are two other backs, 3 counting the QB, averages 5+ yards a carry in Eugene. #SSsports
  • @alaskansurveyor: LMJ is getting no love b/c 1. West coast team 2. Spread offense 3. QB eats up a lot of his yardage #SSsports
  • @ymmij2k: I’ve seen Andrew Luck play in person and he’s the one not getting enough respect. Amazing QB. #SSsports
  • @TimBoddie: James is seen as 1 part of an unstoppable O, Newton is seen as the entire O. #SSsports
  • @SportsFanaddict: @acctking @nealkrause If you pay 180K for a slouch you’re an idiot. 180K for a game changer makes u a cheat. #SSsports
  • On the resignations of Dave Wannstedt and Urban Meyer…

  • @acctking: Pitt was 9-4 in ’08, 10-3 last year, and 7-5 this yr, not sure who the school thinks could do better over 3yrs #SSsports
  • @mtread72: @acctking Classic case of boosters and alumni having exaggerated sense of self; heard they never embraced Wanny #SSsports
  • @prttimesouthpaw: @cagalli_chan better to leave at near top than exposed. SEC figured out how to def system. Urban Meyer meet June Jones #SSsports
  • @MrMonk2984: Pitt might go after Sal Sunseri, the QB’s dad. He is a good recruiter and LB coach at Bama. Also a Pitt alum. #SSsports
  • @cagalli_chan: @CFL_Fanatic Nah, UF in better shape. Meyer brought outstanding recruiting class in ’10 and started one in ’11 as well before lving #SSsports
  • On what’s wrong with Peyton Manning…

  • @MrMonk2984: Caldwell record in 8 yrs at Wake 26–63 and they couldn’t run the ball. Not sum one I want coaching in the NFL. #SSsports
  • @SH_Philadelphia: Career averages: P.Manning 12yrs/196 INTs = 16.3 INTs/yr … B.Favre 20yrs/335 INTs = 16.8 INTs/yr #SSsports
  • @acctking: When Peyton audibles now..no one knows what he’s audibling to Never thought they’d play so never paid attention. #Sssports
  • @torrellmorton: And plus defenses have adjusted to the Colts no huddle.Defenses now show Peyton a “false look”.#SSsports
  • @foczyzie: Addai missing hurts more than people think. 60 yards a game is 15 plays where Manning can’t throw picks. #SSsports

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