Renardo Sidney Fight with Elgin Bailey in Stands at Diamond Head Classic

I have this story from someone who is with the team and saw what happened.

Photo by Andrew Lee, Follow Andrew on Twitter @LEEWWE

Mississippi State’s Renardo Sidney and Elgin Bailey were roommates in their Hawaii hotel. The team walked into the stadium and sat down in the stands. However, they were sitting in a restricted seating area. The players were asked to move; Sidney told Bailey to move his legs, but Bailey refused. Words were exchanged, and the verbal argument escalated into a physical altercation.

I’m told that at one point, Sidney went in for a punch several times but backed five feet away immediately each time. He appeared to be afraid of Bailey.

A police officer arrived onto the scene, but Bailey attempted to physically attack the officer. Both players were pulled into the tunnel, where approximately eight other police officers arrived onto the scene. Bailey continued to physically threaten the officers; by this time, the officers were about to arrest Bailey.

Apparently, head coach Rick Stansbury ran onto the scene and begged the officers not to arrest Bailey. Stansbury pleaded heavily, and the police finally relented. Bailey was taken back to the hotel while Sidney was allowed to sit in the stands with the rest of his teammates to watch the Utah vs. Hawaii game.

Like I said, this story is from someone who is with the team and saw the entire event. I didn’t witness any of these events myself.

[Update] I was told late last night that Elgin Bailey would be permanently removed from the team because of his near arrest and physical altercation with the police. The decision on Renardo Sidney’s position on the team was to be determined in the morning. Both players were blamed for the fight, but Bailey’s dismissal was based on his interaction with the police.

This morning, it was officially reported that both players were suspended indefinitely.

I received word this afternoon that neither player will be rejoining the team at any point. They are flying out on separate flights tonight.

[Update] I have been told that Renardo Sidney will be reinstated to the team while Elgin Bailey will not. Read for more details.

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