#SSsports Chat Highlights 1/5/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On the firing of Rich Rodriguez…

  • @AcctKing: Almost as big a question as Rich Rod’s future is Michigan’s future. One of the most storied coll fball programs is in shambles. #SSsports
  • @dre_law_n_money: He didn’t fit the program. Coach Rod is a fast offense coach while Michigan is used to grind it out power football.#SSsports
  • @dkspecial333: Bo Schembechler the original “Michigan Man” , didn’t even go to Michigan! does anybody see the hilarity in this?? #SSsports
  • @cagalli_chan: @roberterosen With football you need time to get personnel to fit your schemes if talent not already there to compete for title. #SSsports
  • @dh03grad: rich rod ran a 3-3-5 defense in a conf where the top 5 teams were all power running teams We were manhandled weekly #SSsports
  • On MLB’s Hall of Fame voting…

  • @ronwahl: #SSsports and how does someone get in 15 years later did they get better in those 15 years? The whole process is a joke
  • @roberterosen: No one has ever gotten 100%. Guys like Ruth, Cobb, etc.- there were writers who didn’t vote for them. #SSsports
  • @prttimesouthpaw: mcgwire and bonds will get in eventually. people forget ALL eras had their skeletons #SSsports
  • @StLouisGashouse: Allow me to rattle the cage. Bagwell has borderline career numbers for a HOFer…regardless of the era he played in. #SSsports
  • @zmorganII: no telling what HOF’ers already in had in their bodies b4 the policing of drugs and PED’s #SSsports
  • On the NFL coaching carousel…

  • @Trevor_Adams: Tom Cable was jammed considering how much Oakland improved under him. #SSsports
  • @avelarde2: you mean there is an actual HC for the Colts? thought Caldwell was an assistant or something :P #SSsports
  • @cagalli_chan: @bigmeeze Damn shame b/c if weren’t for Al Davis being alive STILL #raiders look like pretty good job to me. #SSsports
  • @dkspecial333: I think the best job out there has to be Carolina, right? Luck with #1 pick looks pretty tempting … #SSsports
  • @Dynamite4Life: It all depends to me on how the league works out this bargaining agreement so it’s better to keep who u got 4 now #SSsports

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