Did Robb Akey Vote TCU No. 1 in Final Coaches Poll?

Tim Cary of CBS Sports posed an interesting question on Twitter: “Honest question – has anybody figured out which coach voted TCU number one despite the poll rules?”

You see, the Coaches Poll is under contract to recognize the BCS Championship Game winner as its national champion (AP is not). Despite these restrictions, one Coaches Poll voter broke the contractual agreement and placed TCU at the top.

I don’t know the answer to Cary’s question, but by logical deduction, the best bet would be on Idaho Head Coach Robb Akey. In the final regular season poll, Akey was the only voter to rank TCU No. 1 (see Akey’s complete ballot).

If Akey voted TCU No. 1 before the Rose Bowl, why would he change his mind after the Horned Frogs’ victory over a hot Wisconsin team? So, is Akey our culprit?

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