#SSsports Chat Highlights 1/12/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On Colts owner Jim Irsay retaining the services of Jim Caldwell…

  • @jmreed44 : #SSsports I think The Colts feel he’s a bargain for the price. Don’t really wanna bring in a high paid coach for a team close to ceiling
  • @mtread72: Caldwell’s record at Wake Forest was 26-63…Colts would be better off with an actual statue on sideline #SSsports
  • @ImTheSportsDude: Peyton’s clock is ticking. He deserves a Rolex, not a Roless (Tijuana knock-off), coach as his career winds down. #SSsports
  • @DoctorPuppy: @AcctKing Head headset wearer is a reasonable description. When Dungy retired, Colts needed in-house successor/steward. Caldwell. #SSSports
  • @arindru : feeling here in Indy is fans want a new coach, but Polian isn’t known for shaking it up. Manning wants to win. #SSSports
  • On whether LeBron James made the right choice in leaving Cleveland…

  • @jscottjones: The only proof that he made the right decision is if he wins a ring(s). Anything earlier is premature. #SSsports
  • @avelarde2: maybe Bron-Bron was “smart” when he “quit” in the playoffs just to see what rest of Cavs could do #SSsports
  • @cagalli_chan: It’s amazing from basketball prospective how much Cavs have fallen w/o LeBron. Say what u want about him but he’s a grt player. #SSsports
  • @zmorganII : a bigger man comfortable in his decision in business never looks to make a spectacle of the past employer #SSsports
  • @foczyzie: I think CLE knew Lebron was gone when they hired Byron Scott, last seen losing 121-63 in the playoffs #SSsports
  • On the best NFL divisional matchup this weekend…

  • @jstar1973: @SusanShanChat And I agree with your opinion. Ravens vs Steelers is the nastiest rivalry since Raiders vs Steelers in the 70s. #SSsports
  • @YesIamAPirate: aaron rodgers vs. matt ryan #sssports we’ve already seen pitt/bal over and over and over
  • @frshpilot: #SSsports #steelers vs ratbirds – not contest; Collinsworth said on MNF “they could play this game 16x a year and I’d watch!”
  • @DoctorPuppy: @avelarde2 I think SEA-CHI game could be the mystery game of weekend. Seahawks have strange punchers chance in Chicago. #SSsports
  • @Jenniration: I think they should replace the cheerleaders with nurses at the Pitt v Balt game. They’re gonna need them. #SSsports

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