#SSsports Chat Highlights 1/19/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On Kentucky coach John Calipari’s public tirade toward Terrence Jones…

  • @TheNational: #SSsports Coach Cal didn’t hit a player or act like Coach Martin at K State. He apologized it’s time to move on! There are different ways..
  • @MarkyMarcelus: If that’s the worst the kid is going to endure, then he is lucky. Cal is only preparing him for the NBA. #SSsports
  • @ymmij2k: I just think that’s Cal. I was in Maui and because the Gym is so small you could here him dropping F Bombs. #SSsports
  • @TheRobMac: #SSsports It was loud. It was rough. I have seen worst. But it was needed. This country has become soft. Every lil thing.
  • @jmiketaylor: We’ve become a nation of sissies. If ppl r so shocked by this I dare them to walk down the halls of any middle school in America #SSsports
  • On Al Davis’s explanation as to why he fired Tom Cable…

  • @foczyzie: Firing Cable after punching an asst., fine. But after going 6-0 in division? Davis has lost his mind. #SSsports
  • @johnsop1: If Davis was that upset about it, he would’ve fired him prior to the season #SSsports
  • @arindru: I think I have explained the Al Davis Chiclet teeth before. He is behind on the Nelly fad w/the band-aid. #SSsports
  • @revolvingrecord: No Al Davis wears the Band-Aid because he follows the tips of a 13 year old girl to cover up blemishes. #sssports
  • @AcctKing: We have a better chance at finding a cure for cancer than deciphering any decision Al Davis has made since like 1990. #Fact #SSsports
  • On the NFL conference championships this Sunday…

  • @prttimesouthpaw: @JohnGarcia_Jr only problem is that #Steelers oline being held together by Scotch tape. they alone decide outcome #SSsports
  • @dmercer512: I got Steelers and Packers. Winner of Most Superbowls vs Winner of First 2 Superbowls. #SSsports
  • @StLouisGashouse: I don’t see the Packers leaving Soldier Field with a victory. One thing Lovie knows is how to beat GB. FYI, Lovie Smith has a record of 8-4 v. Packers. One of the reasons why Bears fans support him. #SSsports
  • @DWAkin: LeBeau’s D scheme is going to drive Sanchez crazy. No vanilla D this time. #SSSports
  • @SportsFanaddict: @DWAkin In the battle of Men Of Troy (Sanchez v. Polamalu), my money is one the one actually named “Troy.” #SSsports

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