#SSsports Chat Topics 1/26/11

Welcome to the week before the Super Bowl edition of the #SSsports chat. Please follow the chat from the account @SusanShanChat. There is only one requirement: please hashtag all tweets with #SSsports. To find out more about the chat, click here. Also, be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve made the highlights! For tonight’s #SSsports Twitter Chat, we will discuss the following topics (the most popular topics by demand via Twitter):

1. NFL: Despite Jay Cutler’s Grade II MCL tear, people are still saying that he should have stayed on the field to play. Plaxico Burress is cited as an example of a man who played Super Bowl XLII with a torn MCL in his left knee. Can Cutler ever recover from the massacre he has received from the media, fans, and his own peers? And, what do you make of the whole situation?

2. NCAA FB: Robert Burton, Chief Executive Officer of Greenwich, Conn.-based Burton Capital Management, is demanding $3 million back in donations from the University of Connecticut and the removal of his “family name from its football complex because he says he was shut out of discussions about the selection of a new football coach.” Burton wrote two letters to UConn that have become the subject of much media buzz. Is Burton entitled to a “refund” and should the university return the money?

3. MLB: New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman has certainly inserted himself into the headlines numerous times this offseason. He did so again at a breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe, where he publicly stated that Derek Jeter could move to center field later on in his career. That nugget, of course, got Yankee fans all riled up. Does Cashman have a hidden agenda behind these comments? ESPNNewYork.com’s Wallace Matthews believes that it’s “simply a case of Cashman being Cashman.” Do you agree or disagree with Matthews?

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