#SSsports Chat Highlights 1/26/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On Jay Cutler’s MCL sprain…

  • @jstar1973: @crigler66 He had that soft reputation going back to his Vanderbilt days. College reputations don’t die easy. #SSsports
  • @DBYankees1: Cutler took a beating all year as Bears had poor OL. Hard for me to believe he quit on team in NFC title game.#sssports
  • @avelarde2: would he have gotten respect if he finished the game injured but cost the Bears a SB birth with the way he was playing? #SSsports
  • @foczyzie: Just a guess, but maybe Cutler was taken out because he was hurt AND was not playing well #SSsports
  • @FrankE_Says: I am more interested in why Collins was 2nd string in the first place. Once Hanie came in, he was their last chance.#SSSports
  • On UConn booster Robert Burton’s demand for $3 million back…

  • @CFL_Fanatic: Most ridiculous idea I have heard in a long time. Boosters are simply used for their money, like models use nerds. #SSsports
  • @AcctKing: I’m convinced the NCAA is more corrupt than any mafia ever was. #SSsports
  • @mtread72: I hear there is more to this story: Goes back to Syracuse and is personal b/t this booster and Pasqualoni #SSsports
  • @crigler66: @acctking UConn should give him his money, spit on his name and cut all ties. #SSsports
  • @SportsFanaddict: @crigler66 @acctking Returning $$$ is easier said than done. Funds have probably been committed already. #SSsports
  • On Brian Cashman stating that Derek Jeter may not play SS in a few years…

  • @DBYankees1: Was his statement that Jete may not be a SS in the future wrong? Alot of baseball people share that opinion. #sssports
  • @SakuraChica: I’m a NYY fan and its sad but I part of me can’t wait for Jeter to retire. The emotional nutjobs will go away. ##SSsports
  • @dmercer512: love jeter but no way a guy with no range at SS can play CF maybe he could play LF. Cash is done in NY after season #SSsports
  • @arindru: I’m just waiting for Cashman to be hired by the Pirates and they win the World Series in 2013. #SSsports
  • @A_RamseyLTSB: I honestly don’t think Jeter plays out the full contract. 2 seasons and he retires at SS #SSsports

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