#SSsports Chat Highlights 2/2/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, here are some highlights below:

On Albert Pujols’s contract negotiations with the St. Louis Cardinals…

  • @katetscott: I miss the days when stars took as much as their teams could offer without hurting their clubs. #SSSports
  • @Wild_Stryker: Cardinals should have been prepared for this upcoming Pujols deal a long time ago. #SSsports
  • @GlennGiangrande: @YankeesInk For anyone 2 suggest the Mets sign Pujos when they may have 2 sell the ENTIRE team is just ‘ludacris’ @SusanShanChat #SSsports
  • @YankeesInk: #Mets will be lucky if Citi Field doesn’t become a Super WalMart, forget signing Pujols. #SSsports
  • @ronwahl: #sssports @susanshanchat Los Decisione December 18, 2011 Albert: i am taking my talents to Arlington, Texas
  • On college football’s National Signing Day…

  • @arindru: No clue how FSU did what they did, but the big surprise to me was Clemson! #1 ILB and #1 OLB #SSsports
  • @drews_clues: #SSsports Florida is a great market for college football…urban’s loss is jimbo’s gain
  • @Dynamite4Life: National Signing Day…yea it’s good 2 see HS plyrs sign 2 their fav college team but all day coverage…not needed #SSsports
  • @MAirJfan: @jmreed44 Kiffin can recruit all day…he still doesn’t know what he’s doing on the sideline #SSsports
  • @ymmij2k: Steve Sarkisian was Carrolls main recruiter. Back to back top 20 classes after taking over an O-12 UW Huskies. #SSsports
  • On Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV…

  • @jstar1973: The Bears nearly beat the Packers with a third string QB. The Steelers are better than the Bears and are healthy. #SSsports
  • @AllanRWu: Key for Pittsburgh – Big Ben doesn’t get boner. Key for Green Bay – keep thinking abt the Favre redemption #SSsports
  • @prttimesouthpaw: never underestimate the role of a good center. Bradshaw had qb iq of swiss cheese without mike webster #SSsports
  • @rjollymac: Pouncey went down during the 1st drive, so they scored all off points w/o him #SSsports
  • @revolvingrecord: Don’t be surprised if game is a shootout, everyone thought high for Aub-Ore but opposite true. GB and Pit can score #sssports

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