#SSsports Chat Highlights 2/9/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a Green Bay Packers (yuck!) tribute for our #SSsports picture!

On Andy Pettitte and the New York Yankees…

  • @YankeesInk: I’m not sure how far the Yanks will fall but I take STRONG issue with anyone who minimizes Pettitte’s contribution. #Sssports
  • @CallMeRonnieD: Red Sox running away w/ the AL East this yr. Then non-div winner of Angels/Rangers taking WC. So no Oct baseball in NYC. #SSsports
  • @alaskansurveyor: Always enjoyed watching AP pitch during the playoffs. PEDs OR clean, he had composure on the mound in big games. #SSsports
  • @smagula: #sssports @SusanShanChat yanks had two starters last year w eras of 5+ and still won 95 games. Better pen this year and same offense.
  • @DBYankees1: I wouldn’t call him an average pitcher. Not a HOF’er either. He was never an ace. Usually a 2/3 type. #sssports
  • On the Carmelo Anthony trade talks…

  • @jstar1973: The way this is going Carmelo may end up with the Cavs! This trade talk is ridiculous. #SSsports
  • @loubezjakfmn: better fit with knicks since he doesn’t play much defense would heck of offense #sssports
  • @zmorganII: Carmelo just wont go away! You would thnk aftr a Russian billnre snubs you it woud be ovr!! #SSsports
  • @foczyzie: Melo going to LA was rumored 2 months ago. Trade deadline too close, this is a power move by CAA with Broussard as pointman. #SSsports
  • @NyquillDTB: #SSsports The next big Star that will go to #Lakers will be Dwight Howard. Melo is Ny Bound shame on Chris Broussard for saying anything
  • On the Duke vs. UNC rivalry…

  • @avelarde2: expect Dickie V’s head to explode and about 100% of the guys to hit on Erin Andrews #SSsports
  • @cagalli_chan: Only “best” b/c casual fan has it blasted to them by ESPN and they don’t know any better…and this is coming from #duke fan. #SSsports
  • @MAirJfan: It’s prob the most popular rivalry but Lou/KY is most heated, contested! They genuinely don’t like each other. #SSsports
  • @arindru: agreed, I’d rather watch the underrated Pac10 this year. Even a Texas/OU game is high on this year’s list for me. #SSsports
  • @rCallMeRonnieD: Nolan Smith pretends to be a PG & the Plumlee bros. look like they’re trying to play the 4 for Magic. #SSsports

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