#SSsports Chat Highlights 2/23/11

If you missed Wednesday night’s #SSsports Twitter chat, there are some highlights below. And, thanks to @alaskansurveyor, we have a gorgeous sunrise (look at the bottom) for our #SSsports picture!

On the blockbuster trades involving Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams…

  • @CallMeRonnieD: @dmercer512 The #Knicks might’ve only given up role players but messed up their Cap & rotation/chemistry. another thing to consider will the new CBA even allow for the team stacking. CP3 ain’t coming for the MLE. #SSsports
  • @jmreed44: #SSsports Williams may not even have to sign extension. New CBA may have football like Franchise tag
  • @Dynamite4Life: As far as #TWolves got the worst deal in the whole 13 player trade…they got only couple ppl…no picks…no money #SSsports
  • @foczyzie: Nets made better trade. Baited NY into giving up their starters for Melo. Nets only gave up Harris. #SSsports
  • @revolvingrecord: Nuggets got something, Mello wasn’t staying. Cleveland would love to have those draft picks. #sssports
  • On Adam Wainwright’s injury…

  • @StLouisGashouse: LaRussa said “the answer is here.” What’s he supposed to say? “We got nobody?” Front office clearly circling the wagons. #SSsports
  • @DBYankees1: @StLouisGashouse For now that’s true. Hard to trade in March. Stay in race until AS break and then make a deal.#sssports
  • @2real4youz: I hate to say it … but you guys have a great organization and have the braintrust to overcome stuff like this #SSsports
  • @Anthowatson: The Lohse and Penny injuries were huge last year. Afraid of the impact of no Wainwright. #stlcards #SSsports
  • @patycake15: Packers won SB w/ 15 on IR. Cardinals should be able to adapt, adjust, and move forward. #SSsports
  • On Cam Newton calling himself an “entertainer and icon”…

  • @arindru: I’d rather here a kid say this over, “I’m just going to be a career backup and have nothing of real value to give.” #SSsports
  • @MinisterofD: If you get hype from your playing thats one thing. When you hype yourself up off the field, its a whole new thing. #SSsports
  • @bassmannash: #sssports absolutely. If I’m drafting a QB, I want a fb player and nothing more. U can entertain, commentate, own a dealership when u retire
  • @exilerugby: This is somewhere on the agent’s list of “Types of things not to say before the draft.” Gonna scare teams away. #SSsports
  • @lukecage06: People shuld realize every pro athlete thinks this way..most learn to hide it..and every one is thinking about life after the game is done with them especially Football players.#SSsports

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